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Current Projects

Fostering education in the workplace

Type 1 voice and iCAHE have partnered to build the evidence, and imperative, to improve safe, quality services to support people living with and self-managing their diabetes. International Centre for Allied Health Research (iCAHE) School of Health Sciences University of South Australia.

This is an ongoing relationship which continues to present opportunities for the type 1 diabetes community to have a real voice. Please enquire on our comments link.

International Centre for Allied Health Evidence

With a key focus on consumer led care, equipping, enabling and empowering people to drive change and influence outcomes, type 1 voice has aligned our objectives to those of the ADEA and NDSS projects.

Throughout 2013 - 2014 we have worked in an advisory capacity to shape services, develop resources and advise on specific NDSS projects with true consumers insight and perspective.

One such project was around Diabetes Insulin Pumps and CGM. Type 1 Voice has seen and experienced the power of consumer engagement at the recent ADEA Conference, August 2014.

We welcome your interest in providing feedback through our enquiries or surveys link. The benefits of consumer engagement has been embraced by ADEA through projects that directly address supporting people living with type 1 to feel more empowered in self management.

Deloitte Access Economics Report, Benefits of Credentialled Diabetes Educators to people with diabetes and Australia.

Diabetes education offers chance to save lives and $3.9 billion

ADEA has also developed a documentary, A Life as a CDE that complements the report, providing a real life insight into what Credentialled Diabetes Educators do in a coordinated care environment. The documentary is available at here

Past Projects

Workshop in Mount Gambier February 2013

With the invitation extended to a range of key stakeholders, type 1 voice took a type 1 diabetes workshop to Mount Gambier in the intention to connect with our country counterparts and also support the type 1 community.

It was a significant event as it was the birth of our focus on raising awareness of type 1 diabetes in the workplace. The delivery of a successful business breakfast, saw employers of person with type 1 and their employee share stories and insight into how the workplace can affectively support people with type 1 diabetes.

Stakeholders invited were Endocrinologist Dr Jan Fairchild from the Women's and Children's Hospital, Roche, Medtronic, AMSL, JDRF, Diabetes SA, CHSA.

We continue to build these relationships in country and in the city, currently working with industry sector to continue our awareness campaign.

See attached SDA Spring Journal article.

Invited to present on Consumer engagement at the Sydney GPCE conference, May 2014

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners RACGP

A range of consumers, carers and siblings of a person with type 1 had the unique opportunity to deliver a perspective and insight of life with type 1 when a person transitions, case study title: Transition for teenagers with diabetes.

The RACGP in partner with Australian Medicare Local Alliance AMLA and T1V to create a series of interviews questions to film an use as training material on a patient/ carer perspective

We will share these through our youtube channel in future.

Supporting type 1 education in schools

Diabetes - Planning and support guide for education and childcare services

Information for Care Providers and Educators on Diabetes

Information for Young People with Diabetes

Diabetes Insulin Pumps

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"Type 1 Voice exists to improve people's experience of having type 1 diabetes and enabling dignified, happy and healthy living.

This is achieved through collaboration with government and industry as well as raising awareness in the workplace, school and the community."