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Have your say on Type 1 awareness in rural communities

People with type 1 diabetes and their families living in rural and remote communities in Australia are isolated both geographically and socially therefore they are also equity issues around service provision for these individuals.

That is why we have partnered with Country Health SA and Diabetes Outreach to explore ways in which we can proactively address the areas of need. Facilitated events, such as the widely-commended proof of concept event staged in Mount Gambier in March 2013; proved to be a welcomed approach to addressing a range of issues.

Noting the impact that is felt by the carers and families of the person with type 1 diabetes, the workshop addressed the social and health issues felt by everyone living with and caring for a person with type 1 diabetes



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Being a teenager with type 1, it can be hard to juggle subject timetables, social commitments with a healthy lifestyle, it would great if people understood more about type 1...

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"Type 1 Voice exists to improve people's experience of having type 1 diabetes and enabling dignified, happy and healthy living.

This is achieved through collaboration with government and industry as well as raising awareness in the workplace, school and the community."