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It is daunting to start a conversation with teacher in front of the class, or in group of people some of which you may have only met once or twice, or with your employer that you have a part time job - the fear of judgment, questioning and possibly discrimination. This could be the difference between you and the decisions you make about your health and how you manage it... feel empowered with these little insights that you can share with your friends, they may soon get the hint!

T1V Cheat Sheet - to leave around for friends, family, teachers or work colleagues!

I need insulin AND sugar to stay alive

With type 1 diabetes, the body no longer produces its own insulin, the hormone needed to move sugar from our blood into our cells. I take insulin through injections or my pump instead. Sometimes I can have too much insulin left over in my system, which can be dangerous because too much sugar leaves my blood and causes HYPOGLYCAEMIA (low blood sugar). That is when I need to eat sugar quickly to get the balance back as fast as I can..

I can do all the same things as you

This includes sport, travel, eating cake, working, sky diving. But you will see me monitoring my sugar levels to stay safe. Type 1 diabetes requires ongoing management, all day, every day of my life. It does suck, but I get on with the job. The more people that understand why I take a quick break to stay on top of my levels, the easier it is for me!

Support me, don't lecture me

Chances are I've been living with the condition for a fair while, so I understand what does and doesn't work with me and my diabetes. Please don't advise me on what not to eat, even though I know you mean well. Most people generally feel food guilt when eating treats, so imagine how we feel with diabetes on top. Support by helping when I am having a hypo, understanding why I cancel a date due to feeling crappy from a high, and not drawing attention to me when I disappear to check my levels are FABULOUS ways to be a good friend.

Please feel free to ask me questions, but maybe NOT when....

It is great to share knowledge about type 1 - it is safer if more people understand it, and makes me feel included when people care. However, asking where I keep my pump when wearing a dress in front of 10 guys is probably not the best timing.. Or explaining to a random group of people that I've got to go somewhere private to inject might be something I'd rather you didn't do. I really appreciate being given the chance to speak up myself when I feel comfortable, not have others do it for me necessarily.

Hypo's really can be dangerous

It is rare that a person with type 1 would leave home without their supply of jelly beans or fruit juice ready for a hypo. BUT there are definitely times when this can happen. If I tell you I need sugar fast, it isn't a joke and I really need you to stay with me while we find some. Worst thing that could happen is you'd need to call me an ambulance if we don't get some in time. This can be a scary time for me, so please don't leave me alone!!

When I have a bitch...

Please just let me have it! I know there are people out there that have harder things to deal with, but I do need to be able to feel down occasionally about my lot. A hug, a nod or even all out cry session is what I probably need! And obviously you are close to me for me to be sharing with you so it is actually a bonding moment!

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Being a teenager with type 1, it can be hard to juggle subject timetables, social commitments with a healthy lifestyle, it would great if people understood more about type 1...

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